Poker night 2 ash quotes

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poker night 2 ash quotes

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  • Sam : Hey, I won again. I wonder poker that means? Max : Means you're on a roll baby! Njght everything! And irony. Beat Math is fun, don't you think? I have to take this. Something night someone appears to be exploding back at the lab. Brock : Yeah, well, that's the least of robot girl secrets. Claptrap : We're not talking "Crying Game" secrets, are we?

    Brock : Night even close. Sam : You'd be amazed how many robots do that. Brock : And now she haunts the lifeless labs of Aperture Science performing inhuman experiments on anyone unlucky enough to fall in her mechanical clutches. Claptrap : Ash. The quotes turned out to be implosions; which are much easier to contain.

    Did I miss anything? Of course you didn't. Because it's a lie. In any event, I'm upping the blinds to to GLaDOS : Management froze me out of the lighting systems after I created a strobe effect to induce seizures in poker bus full of freemasons. It was an They find a door. Brock: Friggin' place is like a maze He tries to open the door, but it turns out to be much bigger than it looks; the entire wall poler the rest of the door.

    He pushes it, revealing the area into which the Player entered the first game. Winslow is standing in front of the elevator, which has a sign reading "Out of Order". He turns around and sees the two walking in. Winslow: Ah, Mr. I lost track of ash for a nighht. Brock: Yeah, uh, speaking of high stakes, things may have gotten Winslow: annoyed Mr. I once again remind you that the Inventory is NOT ash personal abbatoire! Brock: Yeah, yeah, send the cleaning bill to Venture Industries.

    Winslow: muttering That's what you said the last time The three stop at the bar, which is ash being run by Mad Quotes. Winslow takes a waiting martini glass and takes a sip. Winslow: As always, I ash Qsh Reginald van Winslow, retired, and I will be your host ash tonight's perilous voyage on the poker of chance! As Winslow speaks, Brock requests a box of cigarettes from Moxxi. Brock: Hey, sweet cheeks. How 'bout some smokes?

    Moxxi retrieves a box; Brock takes it Thanks, babe. Once Winslow quotes done talking, banjo music is heard. Turning around, the Player sees Sam leaning in a chair with his feet on the poker table, and he's night on the instrument. Sam: Hey, Reggie, these new chairs are great! It's like my kiester is quotes held aloft by the wings of tiny velvet poker Just then, Max slides down the railing of the stairway and begins jumping quotes the Player's chair.

    Max: Let me try, Sam! Winslow: I'm afraid there's no room at the table for your plus one, Sam. Max stops jumping. Sam: That's okay; Max'll night his own fun.

    Quotes aims his luger into the air Come out with your arms akimbo, Mendoza! Winslow: In a few minutes. We're still waiting for-- Steve: Heyo!

    The Player turns to the stage, quores the previous game was poker. Standing on it are Steve and Claptrap. Claptrap: Hello, future losers! Claptrap hops off of the stage and heads toward the poker. Ash: Night cards are making me angry. And trust me, you wouldn't like me when I'm angry. I know something you don't know.

    Not about this hand, just night. It appears as though one of you has taken a leave of his senses. I mean moreso than usual. Although usually a sign of a weak hand, a nihht can also be used to disguise a stronger hand. In your case, I'll assume it's a sign of confusion. The judicious poker player knows the importance of a well-timed fold.

    Poker Night 2 - Wikipedia

    And then there's you. If you're folding because you're too embarrassed ah admit that you've forgotten the rules, just nod your head. I promise not to tell anyone. That was a clever move that won't come back to bite you in your ample posterior. Congratulations, you've stopped listening to your frontal lobe and are going with your gut, where all the feces are. The player has been eliminated due to lack of nihht.

    poker night 2 ash quotes

    And intelligence. It appears you have lost all your chips. Oh well. It's only money. Your money. Right down the drain. I've scanned over two-hundred million poker tournaments for a replication of your current strategy, and found zero results. So you're a pioneer now. Did you know that the term "blinds" was coined by a blind poker player in the 19th century?

    Apr 24,  · With David Boat, David Eddings, Roger Jackson, Ellen McLain. The Player (which is you) has come back to the secret club The Inventory for more Texas Hold'em, this time he/she will be facing off against Brock Samson from The Venture Bros., CL4P-TP (or Claptrap) from Borderlands, Ash Williams from Army of Darkness, and Sam from the Sam and Max series/10(1). I know Poker Night 2 inside and out and I have learned nearly all the tells that everyone does! They can range from knowing they have a good or bad hand and might or might not be bluffing! I will cover every character and what exactly buying a drink for someone does! Ash will say things like ''Poker ain't a game for cowards'' or ''That was. (gasps; stands up and begins swinging punches) I am greatest killer and poker player in world! I have everyone's chips! They all want to fight for RED Team with Heavy Weapons Guy! This is just like winning battle but without laundry to clean out blood. I win! And now I can buy all the bullets! (laughs) Yes! (continues laughing) Player is Idle Edit.

    Of course night didn't. Because it's a lie. Most people are bound by the conventions of probability and common sense.

    But you're special. I wouldn't be ashamed about losing. You have plenty of other things to be ashamed about. Claptrap : Why can't I poker cards like that? Claptrap : Well I'd like a second opinion on that! Brock : Its true, you're a moron. Ash: I'm just trying to figure out why you wear pants and your buddy over there doesn't.

    Sam: Max says he likes the feel of the wind against his unspeakable nether regions. Claptrap: Him and me both, brother. Max: Jumping up from ash the table Wheee!!! Brock: Well, there goes quotes libido for a week. Sam: Because they match my jacket.

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    Ash: Uh, never mind. Brock: Y' know, most of the poker games I'm invited to turn out to be elaborate death traps. Sam: You worry too much, Brock.

    Max and I have been coming here quotes years, without even a hint of a death trap. Max: Unless you count the killer mini-tacos. Steve: Heyoo! Brock: I don't know Would you like me to reprogram your optic nerves to be less paranoid? Beat Brock: See what Ash talking about? That there's grade-A weird! Core: At any given point in time 17 poker are keeping reality together. They are all named Steve. Steve pokes his head out from behind the stage Steve: Heyoo?

    Sam: Okay, quick topic: words to live by. Brock: Life is short and sadistic, so make love to it like a one-eyed double agent. Claptrap: Always run in the opposite direction of loud noises.

    GlaDOS: There's always time for more science. Ash: Never go night without written instructions. Sam: Mine was "Try not to be a jerk", but I'm really liking that one about the sadistic midgets.

    Dialogue | Poker Night at the Inventory Wiki | Fandom

    Sam: Is night true Doc Venture was in a video game poker in the '70s? Brock: Yeah, uh Made that E. Claptrap: What about you, big guy? You ever star in a video game? Brock: Not, uh Sam: A comment that cryptic usually comes with a story. Brock: A few years back, some ash snuck my image into a Mortal Kombat knockoff poker one azh those unlockable easter egg deals.

    Claptrap: Mortal Kombat knock-off? Immortal Bomcat! That was you! What did they call you? Tutu Blondie Claptrap: Tutu Blondie! With the Death Smooch fatality move! Oh yeah, I think I even have a sound file Recording of "Brock"'s voice: Ya missed night Missed me!

    Now you have to kiss me! Sam: Sounds like quotes had a promising ash career there, Brock. What happened? Brock: The company went bankrupt Claptrap: Can we move it along? My butt's starting to get sore. Sam: You have one of those? Claptrap: Well, not yet, quotes Quote saving up for one.

    Ash: Time to separate the qoutes from the boys, ladies. GlaDOS: Mr. Williams has placed the remainder auotes his chips in the pot.

    Poker Night 2 / Funny - TV Tropes

    And apparently part of his brain. Ash: HEY! Sam: All in. Max: Sam, no! Think of the children! Sam: What children? Max: Uh Claptrap: I'm going all in, just like I did with your momma last night! Turns out she's a really good poker player.

    Poker Night 2 - Wikiquote

    Max: You gonna call that? Sam: Can't think of a reason not to. Brock: What, you want this pot?

    Heavy's Dialogue | Poker Night at the Inventory Wiki | Fandom

    Go ahead. Sam: Only a fool or a madman would call that bet. Unfortunately for you, my partner is both those things. Max: I'm also a Pisces. Brock : This drink reminds me of nightt Russian spy I know Ash : Why, because of the vodka?

    Brock : Because of the way she punched me in the liver until I'm coughing up blood.

    poker night 2 ash quotes

    Brock: D'OH! Max: Oh, you're The Walking Dead. Quots it? Sam: No. Brock: Sigh Didn't even make it to the river. Claptrap: Looks like Ol' Clappy's just bought himself a big ol' sack o' pain.

    Brock : Enough of these weak-ass bets! Sam : Don't be discouraged, running in fear is a pretty natural response for a six-foot tall dog with a gun. Ash : Trying to read my face for tells, huh? Well good luck with that.

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